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ASIA KOSHER SERVICES is the largest kosher certification agency in the Asian continent. Overseen by rabbi Mordechai Abergel (Head Rabbi of Singapore) and rabbi Yosef Kantor (Head Rabbi of Thailand), our committee of knowledgeable rabbis and local offices are strategically positioned all over the continent, in India, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. 

AKS rabbis based at our local offices in each country are qualified to conduct facility audits and oversee the certification process in order to provide clients with the most reliable guidance according to kosher standards and practices.

AKS is the trusted provider for all kosher certification needs in the region. Our agency offers consultation and an extended range of services regarding kosher certification for food & beverage manufacturers.  AKS also liaises with some of the world’s leading kosher certifiers in the USA and Israel to carry out certification on their behalf.

Contact us for more information on kosher certification for production facilities.

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